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2004 BMW Mint Condition 545i Sports Sedan M5 Badged

High Performance Luxury Vehicle

When the 2004 BMW 545i Sports Sedan was released it was marked at a retail  value of $53,645 and 13 years later the vehicle operates as it was priced, to the highest quality and automotive standards..

The V-8 engine in the 2004 BMW 545i Sports Sedan is among the most powerful and hospitable  engines in existence. Revs have no vibration , the drivers experience is simple,  smooth and luxurious.

From the moment  the driver and passengers enter the vehicle they are warmly greeted by the interiors luxurious plush leather seats and wood furnishings. After turning the key, and taking a long or short trip, the driver and passengers are treated to one of the most comfortable and professional transportation experiences in the world.

The BMW 545i business class is not great, it is remarkable! Any driver who has experienced the vehicles performance is fortunate. Then to top it off everywhere the driver visits will be accompanied by heads turning and a barrage of  complements pertaining to how beautiful the vehicle is.

You do not see a lot of this model anymore so when anyone glances one that is in pristine condition,  they are always impressed. The BMW 545i wasn't designed to be impressive for 2004 , it was designed to be impressive, luxurious  and exhibit top of the line performance forever, and it does.


Attaining the proper parts for maintenance for these BMW 545i models in 2018 is easy, they are everywhere, inexpensive  and will not be running out anytime soon. The problem is finding a BMW 545i that is in pristine condition, like the one being auctioned at Venders @ address

This particular BMW 545i being auctioned was treated like it was owned by royalty from the day it was released by the manufacturer in 2004 until today, 13 years later.

The vehicle is painted the signature BMW factory oriental blue, with the cherry oak trimmings and light tan leather interior. The vehicles interior has no rips, tears or blemishes. This model comes with BMW 18" rims with run flat tires, all factory.  The vehicle was designed perfect, manufactured perfectly and perfectly preserved. Whosoever is fortunate enough to win the vehicle in the auction at Venders will inherit a timeless treat, a vehicle that will make any occasion 1000xs better. .

About the Auction

We live in a day and age where it is extremely difficult for consumers to find  people to  purchase high quality merchandise from that they can trust. The sellers of this particular 2004 BMW 545i on Venders are not only trustworthy, they are guaranteeing satisfaction. The vehicle comes with a one year warranty, so placing a bid on the vehicle is an investment in time. While competing with other bidders,  luckily winning the auction and completing the transaction with these particular Venders can only be compared to winning a trophy.

Please note this is a very attractive and rare vehicle in immaculate condition , you do not see a lot of them on the road anymore because they are very difficult to come in contact with.

All of the photos and information at the auction are 100% accurate and factual. If you are in the market for a beautiful and affordable luxury vehicle ? Do yourself a favor,  visit Venders, sign up and bid on this automotive work of art created by the world renown Bavarian Motor Works today, while it is still available.